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Website Creation

We create simple but effective websites, mainly for sporting groups &/or small business. To be honest we cannot & do not attempt to compete for complex, corporate type web business. We leave that to the specialists, whose target audience are on a completely different level.

Most of our customers have advised that they desire a site that is easy to navigate around, attractive to the eye & contains their info in a simple format.

The usual question asked by most people is how much is it going to cost?. This is a bit like asking what the weather will be like next week. There is no simple answer. It all depends on a number of factors, ie: how complex is the site?, will it be 'static' - one where the info remains the same for a long period of time, or does it need updating on a fairly regular basis?. Are there a lot of graphics to create & process? etc.

At this time, approx $500 (Aust) is our 'rough' estimate for a simple website, for an example, see:

Please note that the above quote does NOT include domain name registration charges or ongoing monthly web hosting fees. One has to bear in mind these costs when deciding what is right for you. RCS only charges the 'going rate' for these services & does not make a profit in any manner. We simply charge for our effort & all other costs must be borne by the customer.

We can advise on whom are reputable ISP's, but that decision remains one for you to make.

Please bear in mind that it is an extremely competitive business & that rates vary greatly between providers. Some will appear ridiculously cheap, reason for this mainly being that your site is 'sponsored'. What this means is that various advertisements (many foreign based) will appear on most or all pages of your site. We would prefer our customers to deal with local ISP's, but that is entirely up to you.

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