Golden Boot - 2010 Season

Last Update: Thursday 16th September 2010

Welcome to the official North Coast Football "Golden Boot" page for the 2010 season. It's all fairly self-explanatory, but there are just a few things you should be aware of.

1. This is a 1st division only competition. It is just too cumbersome to keep a tally of leading goal scorers in every division so we have taken the decision to highlight only the goal scoring in our men's & women's 1st division competitions.

2. The goals are tallied using the weekly match cards. These are the official record of each fixture which the referees and both team managers sign at the conclusion of each match. We will not be altering the records because you feel you have scored more goals than the Golden Boot shows. We will gladly check the match cards and recalculate, but if your team manager has signed off on the match card, then that is how many goals you scored.

3. The match cards are either delivered to NCF by hand or posted on the Monday after each round. Many do not arrive until the Thursday or Friday of that week, therefore, the table will not be updated until the end of each week when all match cards have been received.

4. Goals scored from penalties are obviously included because they are simply goals scored from free kicks like any other. There is no difference in the records between goals scored in open play and goals scored from penalties. The Golden Boot will not, however, include goals scored from post-match kicks from the penalty mark to decide the winner of a final's fixture.

5. The male and female winners of the Golden Boot will be honoured with an award at the end of season North Coast Football Zone Annual Presentation dinner, to be held on September 25th at C.ex Group, Coffs Harbour.

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